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Our History

Cozyglaze are based in County Carlow and have window fitting crews nationwide, throughout Ireland, to provide a quick assessment and turnaround.

We specilise in replacing old single-glazing or inefficient double glazing and upgrading your windows to double glazing or triple glazing grade A efficient windows, meaning lower heating bills, warmer homes and stronger windows.

Irish Homes today are rated under the Building Energy Rating (BER) System. The Cozyglaze process works with this in mind and involves replacing either old single-glazing or tired old double-glazing with modern “A”-Rated energy efficient double OR triple glazing. Improve your homes Building Energy Rating and Lower Fuel Costs as well as increasing the value of your home. Window replacement or upgrades with Cozyglaze come at an exceptional price and offer an excellent return on investment.

What is the BER System?

The BER (Building Energy Rating) the energy efficiency of the home and takes into consideration the insulation in Walls, Floors, Ceilings etc. Window energy efficiency is a vital ingredient in the formula that makes up the overall BER.

Single glazed or old double glazed windows provide poor BER Ratings as they allow vital warm air leave the home and cold air to enter. This increases the amount of fuel or energy needed to heat your home, thus higher ESB, Oil or Gas Bills. Save Money by Upgrading Your Window Glazing. The cost of changing your complete windows is considerable and the cost of decorating after the job is something most people forget about.

  • COZYGLAZE will replace your glazing for “A” Rated Gas Filled Double Glazed Units using their unique slip system
  • Cozy Glaze paint or varnish windows where necessary so the job is complete and tidy at the end of the installation
  • Contact COZYGLAZE today for a free, no obligation, consultation
Cozyglaze Leading the way

Window Upgrade/Conversion

Costs a fraction of replacing complete windows
Reduced Heat Loss by up to 80%
Improved BER Rating Improved
All our work and materials carry a comprehensive warranty
All our work is fully insured
Lower Heating bills & value added to your home

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